Diploma Replacement

Diploma Replacement

  • If your diploma has been damaged or lost, please complete the Diploma Replacement Request form.
  • All requests for a replacement diploma must be submitted using this form.
  • There is a $25.00 replacement fee that must be paid prior to submitting your request. Payment is to be made online by selecting "Pay My Diploma Replacement Fee" below.
    • Type in your Name in the "Identifying Number and/or Name" field.
    • Type in your month and year of graduation in the "Additional Payment Information" field.
  • When you receive the successful payment confirmation page or the email confirmation, simply print one of those confirmations and submit with the request form.
  • A note will be printed on the diploma indicating "replacement diploma."
  • Processing time is at least 10-14 days; during peak periods the processing time may take longer.
  • The completed request form, along with the payment confirmation, is to be mailed to:

Registrar's Office
Ulmer Hall 224
Lock Haven University
Lock Haven PA 17745


Fax: 570-484-2734