High School Students Taking College Classes

Lock Haven University, both main and Clearfield campuses, offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in college courses while still in high school.  Dual enrollment allows high school students to take high quality, undergraduate courses while still completing high school credits.  

High school students who wish to learn more about the Dual Enrollment program through the Clearfield campus, please click here.

LHU Main Campus Dual Enrollment Highlights

  • High school students may take high quality, undergraduate courses while still completing their high school requirements.  
  • Full tuition and fees are billed to students.  Students will receive a bill from LHU and are responsible for payment.  (High school students do not qualify for federal or state financial aid.) 
  • High school principals or guidance counselors will approve a student’s enrollment in a college course based on the student’s high school academic record.   High school personnel will also determine how the course counts toward high school graduation. 
  • After deciding upon courses in which to enroll, high school students must complete a High School Student Enrollment Form.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the student unprocessed.  After submitting a registration form, any changes to the student’s schedule requires written notification (emails are acceptable) to the Registrar’s Office from high school personnel. 
  • Forms must be submitted by the deadlines below.  Actual registration in courses will be done by the Registrar’s Office two weeks prior to the start of the semester or session.  There must be available space.


Deadline for Registrar’s Office to Receive Registration Forms


August 1


December 1

Summer (all sessions)

May 1


  • A high school student may take up to seven (7.0) semester hours during a single semester or summer session.  A high school student may earn no more than 24.0 semester hours in any school year (August through July). 
  • High school students are encouraged to work with their guidance counselor to determine what courses to take.  High school personnel will determine how the course counts toward high school graduation. 
  • The courses will appear on the high school student’s LHU academic record for credit, if the student later enrolls at LHU or if the student wants to transfer the course to another college/university at a later date. High school students are encouraged to visit the PATRAC website, to assist in determining if a course will transfer.  
  • High school students, who are enrolled in a college course at LHU, are eligible for LHU perks including an email account, photo ID, library access, and use of student facilities on campus.  
  • High school students are responsible for following the LHU academic policies and procedures for the LHU courses. 
  • High school students who take LHU courses are considered to be non-degree students.   

High school students who are interested in enrolling as a college student at LHU must go through the normal application process.  Participation in the dual enrollment program does not guarantee admission to LHU.