Request to Resume Studies

Students who have earned a degree from LHU and want to return to the university's main campus and students who will earn a degree from LHU and want to continue the immediate next semester at LHU's main campus must contact the Admissions Office at 570-484-2011, and complete this form. You will not use the Request to Resume Studies process below. Using the process below will cause delays.

Approval of your request to resume studies through the Registrar's Office neither implies nor guarantees the receipt of financial aid or the ability to enroll. A student's previous academic and financial history can affect the ability to receive financial aid. Any current or prior unpaid or delinquent account balances will hinder a student's ability to re-enroll. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all students, who wish to resume their studies, contact Financial Aid prior to submitting this application to review financial aid eligibility. Inquiries can be made in person at the Russell Hall Lobby Customer Service Counter or by phoning 570-484-2424.

Please be advised that the request to resume studies must be done no later than three (3) weeks before the start of any term. Requests made after that time may be subject to time delays due to processing time, which could cause delays in notification of a student's ability to resume studies based on financial, or other, information.

Request to Resume Studies

By following the process outlined below, your re-admittance to LHU should go smoothly.

Before continuing, you should plan ahead on some items related to your request to return to LHU.

  1. Be sure you have no back balance with the university.
  2. Be sure you will be able to pay for your return. This includes the tuition and fees you will incur as a registered student.
  3. Be aware of your financial aid eligibility. If needed, a review of your financial record may be completed and you may receive information via email about financial issues. Not all students will receive information from Financial Aid. However, if you do, pay close attention to this information.
  4. Review your academic requirements. You may want to contact the faculty member who was your advisor when you last attended.
  5. Be sure the classes you need will be offered and are available.

If you are now ready to continue with this process, then....

  1. Complete the Request to Resume Studies form and submit to the Registrar's Office.
  2. After your file is reviewed and you have been approved to resume studies, you will receive registration information. You will register for courses via the internet. An alternate method of registration is available for those without access to the internet.
  3. If you are returning after a period of academic suspension, you may be required to receive financial counseling. Please check your LHU email account and US postal service mail for important information. (Questions about this may be directed to Financial Aid, Russell Hall Lobby or 570-484-2424.)
  4. If you are unsure about an unmet financial obligation, contact Student Accounts at 570-484-2425. If you have a financial hold when you request to resume your studies, your request to return will be reviewed. You will be responsible for any remaining balance prior to being able to register. A financial hold prevents registration.

If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact the Registrar's Office at 570-484-2006. Financial questions should be addressed to Student Financial Services at 570-484-2344.