Haven Activities Council

The Lock Haven University Student Activities provides programs and services that enhance the overall educational and personal development experience of students through the development of, exposure to and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, community service, campus governance and leadership opportunities.

Department Goals

Goal One: To develop and implement programs and activities which stimulate cultural, intellectual, and social life on the campus community.

Goal Two: To provide facilities and services responsive to student development needs and to the physical, social, recreational, and continuing educational needs of the campus community.

Goal Three: To assist students in gaining leadership experience by providing opportunities to learn and apply leadership techniques, theories and models.

Goal Four: To promote and market all programs and services offered to the campus community through all means available.

Goal Five: Effectively and efficiently allocate and manage student activity funds and other revenue sources available to the Lock Haven University Student Auxiliary Services, Inc.

HAC provides a balanced schedule of social, cultural, educational, and recreational events for the enjoyment and benefit of the LHU community, by making wise use of the student activity fee monies allocated to them. HAC provides the opportunity for the student development and leadership throughout the initiation of these events.

Each semester, Student Activities develops a programming calendar that details all events sponsored by the department for that semester. Most of these events are planned by the Haven Activities Council (HAC) and provide opportunity for clubs/organizations or simply individuals to attend events and experience the extracurricular life of Lock Haven University. Students can take advantage of bus trips to New York City, concerts and coffee houses, comedy nights, and semester festivals.

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Jodi Smith
Director of Student Activities

Stacey Davis
Budget Manager

Glenda Mark
Budget Assistant

Pam Eichenlaub
Facilities & Marketing Assistant

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