Resources and Forms

Contingency Request  Another way to supplement your budget is to request contingency from the Student Appropriations Committee.

Contract Request This form MUST be completed if your club or organization plans to bring ANY service provider or performer to Lock Haven University.

Fundraising Request  The first step to having a successful fundraiser is to have it approved by the Student Activities Office.

Liability Form  In consideration of being allowed to participate in any recognized club or organization at Lock Haven University, you must complete a liability form.

Monthly Activity Report  The information provided from this form allows the Student Activities Office to assess future club needs. Fill it out online here!

Registration  The registration form is used as a means to keep up to date with club officers as they may change through the school year. Each time a member is changed/updated a new registration form needs to be completed.

Transfer of Funds  If you do not have enough money in one of your budget line items and you have extra money in another line item, you may request to transfer funds. Transfers will ONLY be accepted during the Spring semester.

Travel Form  All clubs and organizations MUST complete a Travel Form prior to going on any trip or conference.

Display Case/Table Reservation  The PUB has two tables and a display case that can be reserved throughout the year by clubs and organizations.

Gameroom Request Form  We ask that this form is completed two weeks prior to the date of the event.

Late Night Event Form  This form goes along with the PUB Room Request form and is used for any event that will go past the PUB's closing time (11pm).

Parsons Union Building Room Request Form  The Parsons Union Building (PUB) is the central location for student groups on campus. There are four standard meeting rooms and a multi-purpose room that can be set up to your specifications for a banquet, program, or event.Please complete and submit at least one week prior to the event date to allow time for approvals and scheduling.

Any form that your club/organization may need can be printed off and submitted to the Student Activities Office. If there is a form you need and not able to find it here, please stop by the Student Activities Office!