Why get involved?

By getting involved, you will gain a sense of belonging and have time to explore all of your options. Be prepared that the first endeavor you set out on may not be the one for you. It is important that you have your primary focus be that of academics and going to class, but the earlier you involve yourself you will become connected to the rest of the campus community and explore the practicality for your skills.

Becoming involved places you in a group of student leaders. You do not have to hold a leadership position in the club or organization to consider yourself a student leader. Take time, research, go to events and activities sponsored by the clubs, attend the annual club fair, and make your decision.

Who? YOU! You will make friends by experiencing the extra-curricular campus life, but sometimes it helps to take someone with you who will also share the excitement of finding a club on campus.

What club to get involved with? You will need to find a club or organization that adheres to your interest. With over 90 clubs on campus, you can choose any that you may find interesting. If there is not one there, find a group of people who share that same interest and start a club of your own!

Where can you find the club or organization that fits you? There is a complete club listing on our website under the "Student Organizations" link. There is also a complete listing of the clubs in our Clubs & Organizations Guide!

Why? Getting involved in extra-curricular campus life will give you leadership opportunities and make you marketable for the world after college. You will also learn essential skills such as; time management; running effective meetings; and goal setting, just to name a few!

When do you get involved? Take time during your first semester to find an activity that interests you. Plan ahead and manage your time to make sure you will be able to do all of the things you want to do. Find out when and where the meetings of a club/organization are held and go to one.