Our mission is to enhance the living, learning, and working experience at Lock Haven University by protecting life, maintaining order, and safeguarding property.  We fulfill this purpose by providing our community with a full range of services that meet the highest professional standards of campus public safety.  We are committed to working with the community to define our priorities and build lasting partnerships.  Our core values guide us in this mission.


We firmly adhere to the values set forth in this document and our professional ethics, as outlined in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.  We expect every member of our department to uphold the highest ethical standards at all times.


We treat all members of the community and each other with courtesy, fairness, and dignity.


We will continually develop our knowledge, skills, and abilities to the highest levels possible to enable us to provide the finest public safety services to the Lock Haven University community.  Our approach is based on a commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement.


We value the opportunity to serve the community and will ensure that our condcut always merits trust and support.  We will accept full responsibility for our actions and will take appropriate actions to meet community and professional expectations.


We are committed to enhancing public safety and increasing the community's sense of security.  We will work in partnership with the community to identify and solve prolbems that affect the quality of life on campus.  We demonstrate our commitment to serve by placing the needs of others ahead of our own.


We recognize that indiviudal and team contributions are essential to achieving our mission.  By sharing insight and guidance, and creating learning opportunities, we acknowledge that each member of our department makes a valuable contributions to our purpose and vision.


We are proud of our profession, our colleagues, our department, and Lock Haven University.  We recognize the sacrifices our members make to ensure the safety and security of the community.  We will do everything necessary to ensure all our members feel appreciated and duly rewarded for their contributions.