The parking system at Lock Haven University is designed to protect the parking privileges of the permit-holders and visitors. The parking regulations are intended to provide students, faculty, staff, and visitors with safe, secure, and convenient places to park. Although Lock Haven University cannot guarantee the most convenient parking space will always be available, the University community will be best served if all users of campus parking follow the guidelines.

Vehicle Registration Forms:Students / Faculty & Staff
Campus Parking Maps:
Detail: Main Campus/ Detail: Glennon / Detail: Health Professions - Fairview Suites / Detail: Zimmerli – Annex

LHU Parking Regulations

Fee Structure:
Commuter Students living outside perimeter                         $ 40.00
Resident Students with 30 or more earned credits                 $ 40.00
Resident Students with 29 or less earned credits and
commuter students living inside the perimeter                       $ 80.00
PA Program Students                                                         $ 40.00
Campus Village Students                                                    $ 40.00
Jack Stadium (if necessary)                                                 $ 40.00

The LHU Public Safety Department's goal is to serve the University community with fairness, courtesy, consistency, and efficiency. We will strive on a daily basis to provide:

  • Safe and well-maintained parking
  • Pleasant, courteous, and helpful customer service
  • Enforcement with an emphasis on voluntary compliance
  • Safe, convenient, reliable alternate modes of transportation
  • Management of the information resources pertaining to parking facilities.