From President Michael Fiorentino, Jr.

President Fiorentino


Congratulations to each of the presenters involved in our seventh annual Celebration of Scholarship. Their hard work is a tribute to all of the possibilities that are available as they follow their passions at Lock Haven University.               

The University’s Strategic Plan encourages and demands excellence in our learning community. Today’s activities and presentations demonstrate the achievements of our alumni, faculty, and students in all areas of scholarship. It is with this expectation of excellence that our students will continue to learn and intellectually grow long after their graduation, enabling them to be dynamic members of their communities.               

Through the guidance of our quality faculty, students present their original scholarly and creative works in ways that demonstrate advanced and thoughtful understanding of the issues of their disciplines.               

The academic and artistic endeavors all will witness today provide the framework for the discoveries and creative expressions that will shape our futures.

Please join us in acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments of our university community.

Michael Fiorentino, Jr.

From Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Donna Wilson

Provost Wilson
Celebration of Scholarship marks Lock Haven University as a distinguished University, and it showcases the contributions of faculty and students to the arts, letters, social sciences, sciences, and a diversity of professions.  Congratulations to the faculty and students who are presenting their research and creative productions today.

Research and creative production are oriented to the future, always inclining toward discovery, the next meaningful questions, the next innovation. This important work is anchored in mastery of the disciplines and interdisciplinary practice and, at the same time, questions and contests the status quo. Scholarship and creative production drive our curriculum and animate our faculty; they are grounded in experiential learning across the spectrum of human experience – from beauty to nanoparticles, from cognition to recreation, from DNA to political theory; and they generate the life-long learning that is a distinction of our graduates.

Research and creative production are also communal. Important discoveries most often emerge from collaborative and multidisciplinary problem-solving and information sharing. Even those that spring from the lone scientist poring over data in a lab late at night or the historian reading medieval documents in an archive are for dissemination, questioning, revising, and disseminating again. Through participating in this process, students learn that failure and success are shared in communities of scholars and are equally valuable aspects of discovery and creation.

Lock Haven’s outstanding scholar-teacher faculty are dedicated to mentoring students through increasingly engaged levels of scholarship and creative work with a view to helping them become engaged participants and leaders in their professions and communities. This partnership is conducted hundreds of times a day, in classrooms and labs, in experiential learning sites out in the community and workplace, in study abroad trips, in online discussions, and over pizza at informal meetings. Celebration of Scholarship in this context is a day set aside to recognize, and to celebrate, that the ordinary work engaged in by faculty and students on ordinary days is in fact extraordinary.

Dr. Donna F. Wilson
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

From Faculty President Mark Cloud

mark cloud
As we embark on our ninth year of Celebration of Scholarship, the continued growth in participation, level of scholarship, and breadth of content has clearly established this event as an enduring hallmark of Lock Haven University. This event is a unique opportunity for faculty to showcase the products of their individual scholarly development as well as through the collaboration and mentoring of our students. This event also highlights the important role scholarship outside of the classroom plays to fully develop the creativity, critical thinking, and presentation skills of our students for their future careers. We are fortunate to have our administration's strong support of scholarship as well as our faculty union, APSCUF, through which we continue to fight for proper financial support of this critical component of higher education. Let today's events strengthen our resolve to make sure such support grows and remains undiminished in our future.


Dr. Mark Cloud
APSCUF President