Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Financial Aid Office at Lock Haven University exists to assist students in finding ways to finance their college education. We are committed to providing everyone with an opportunity to receive an excellent education, without regard to a family’s financial status. We fulfill this commitment by guiding you through the financial aid process, answering your questions, processing your application, and determining your eligibility for aid programs. This commitment is strong: each year we process approximately $50 million dollars in financial aid programs for about 90% of our student body.

Important - Please Note: A successful appeal of academic suspension is unrelated to financial aid suspension and does not result in reinstatement of a student's financial aid eligibility. Appealing one's financial aid suspension status is a separate process.

For more information about the SAP policy please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Document and the Satisfactory Academic Progress Frequently Asked Questions Document

PHEAA State Grant SAP Policy

Students are required to meet SAP to continue eligibility for the PHEAA State Grant. For each academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring and/or Summer term) during which State Grant aid is received, a student must successfully complete the minimum number of credits appropriate to the student’s enrollment status during the terms for which State Grant aid was received.

Before crediting a State Grant to a recipient’s account, the school must certify that, for the last academic year during which the student received state grant aid, the student completed the required minimum total number of credits or clock hours for the terms to which grant aid was applied. In other words, if the student last received a State Grant aid during the 2012-2013 academic year and received two full‑time semesters of State Grant aid (a total of 1.00), the student must have successfully completed 24 new semester credits during or since those two terms in order to be eligible for the next academic year of aid.