Reduction of Income Review

If a student’s financial circumstances change after the FAFSA was filed, the Financial Aid Office may be able to adjust your award accordingly, based on availability of funds. Occasionally special circumstances arise that make the FAFSA data an inaccurate picture of a family's ability to pay.

The Financial Aid Office can consider these types of situations:

  • Divorce or legal separation (you or your parents), or death of a parent or spouse that occurred after you filed your FAFSA
  • Loss or reduction in parent income caused by unemployment or disablement
  • Loss or reduction in your (the student's) income
  • Major medical/ dental expenses
  • Expenses caused by a natural disaster or major catastrophe

Students, who have circumstances similar to those listed above, should submit a Reduction of Income form that is available under the forms tab on our webpage. Please be sure to complete the entire document and provide documentation to support your circumstances.

Please Note: We are unable to make adjustments that include cost of living adjustments, bankruptcy, and consumer debt. We know that these situations may have a real impact on a family’s ability to pay for college, however, they do not pertain to the data collected on the FAFSA, and as such we are unable to consider them based upon law.

To request reconsideration of Pennsylvania State Grant eligibility based on special family circumstances, or to update enrollment data, select the proper form from the PHEAA website at