Residency Review for In State Tuition

The student domicile regulations relating to Pennsylvania residency for tuition purposes are defined by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Board of Governors. These regulations, along with types of evidence to submit as proof of residency, are referenced in the PASSHE Board of Governors Student Domicile Regulations Policy1985-03.

Domicile within the Commonwealth means adoption of the state as a fixed permanent home and involves personal presence within the state with no intent on the part of the applicant, or in the case of the dependent student, the applicant's parent(s) to return to another state or country. Pennsylvania domicile may be established upon the completion of at least 12 months of continued residence within the state prior to the date of registration, provided such 12 months residency is not primarily for the purpose of attendance at Lock Haven University. Establishment of Pennsylvania domicile with less than 12 months residence prior to the date of registration must be supported by proof of positive and unequivocal action.


Follow the steps below to submit a request (i.e. appeal) for PA residency/student domicile status:

  1. For information on the residency appeal process, review the Residency Form Cover Sheet 
  2. All residency appeals require a completed Residency Classification Data Collection Form
  3. Sign the Residency Classification Data Collection Form in the presence of a Notary Public.
  4. Attach to the Residency Classification Data Collection Form:
    • Your signed, personal statement (see cover sheet)
    • All required documentation (e.g. copy of rental lease, mortgage, deed, tax form, etc.; see Data Collection Form.)
    • Any applicable proof of PA residency (see "Evidence" section of Student Domicile Regulations)
  5. Submit appeal to the LHU Residency Committee, c/o Lock Haven University, Financial Aid Office, 118 Russell Hall, Lock Haven, PA 17745.

Please Note:Incomplete and/or appeals that are not notarized cannot be accepted and will delay the review process.