Understanding the Award

Understanding your financial aid for the summer can be difficult. Your financial aid package is primarily based on information you supplied on the FAFSA. It is also based on your summer registration and housing status. If any of this information is incorrect or changes, your awards may be adjusted.

Your financial aid award(s) is subject to the Terms and Conditions. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the terms and eligibility requirements related to each of your awards; therefore, you must carefully review that information that can be located under the Types of Financial Aid tab on our webpage.

Your summer financial aid award is based on the following assumptions:

  • Upon review at the end of the spring semester, you will be found to have made Satisfactory Academic Progress through your most recently completed semester/session.
  • You will promptly attend to any and all requests for information required to further your summer aid processing.
  • You will immediately inform the Financial Aid Office of any changes in your enrollment (i.e. registration) status.
  • You will promptly inform the Financial Aid Office of any sources of financial assistance (e.g. tuition waiver, scholarships, etc.) not reflected in your summer financial aid package.