Finding Balance as a New Student

balanceFinding balance is not easy.  When you get to college, you have so much more time to manage than you did in high're on your own!  

There will be so many opportunities, that you will feel pulled in many directions.  Its not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make everyone happy.

 In order to be successful in your studies and graduate from college, you will need to learn how to balance your school work, sleep, exercise and play. has some great tips on finding this essential balance in college. 


Student Mentors are here for guidance and support on campus.  One great way to connect to resources on campus is through gaining a mentor. A number of programs at LHU offer incoming students support with academic and social transitions.

Having a mentor gives new students the opportunity to learn from experienced upperclassmen, to interact with faculty and staff, and to gain access to leadership and engagement activities. As first year students, you will gain necessary information to navigate and succeed at Lock Haven University from students who have been in your shoes!

Areas and programs with mentoring programs include:

  • The Academic Improvement Program
  • The Center for Excellence and Inclusion
  • The Honors Program
  • The Student Support Services Program
  • Most Academic programs (please inquire with your advisor about mentoring opportunities in your major)

Meet Your Peer Mentors Peer mentors will work with you to manage academic and social calendars.  They also provide study hours and one on one support.  For questions, please contact the Center for Excellence & Inclusion at