Global Honors Abroad

Gaining an International Experience

The Global Honors Program encourages all students to gain an international experience as a part of their Global Honors Education. In fact, this is the only extra requirement to graduate with the highest honors possible,Global Honors with Distinction. There are many different ways that students can gain this international experience through LHU. This page will provide information on these experiences as they come to us. Additionally, this page outlines the requirements for getting Honors Credit for your International Experience.

Getting Honors Credit for your International Experience

In order to get credit for your International Experience and have it count towards Global Honors with Distinction status, the experience must be in an educational manner offered through LHU. Some of these experience are, but are not limited to:
-Traditional Study Abroad Sessions through the Institute for International Studies
-Student Teaching Abroad
-Summer Seminars, such as the one offer by Professor Huber
-Alternative Spring Break Trip through the MountainServe Office
-PASSHE Summer Honors Trip
-Other instances and situations can be approved by the Honors Director on a case-by-case basis to be counted for Honors Distinction.

Students who are planning to gain an International Experience to count for Honors Distinction must complete the following steps:
1) Submit an Intent to Study Abroad Form at least two (2) academic weeks prior to the start of the experience.
2) Submit a Study Abroad Completion Form no later than one (1) academic month after the end of the experience.
Note: This form requires you to also submit a minimum two (2) page reflective essay about your experience.

Questions can be directed to Dr. Whitling or the SAD for Program Development and Leadership.

Form Downloads

Intent to Gain an International Experience

Study Abroad Completion