Membership Information

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) on the campus of Lock Haven University (LHU) is made accessible for the students, faculty, staff and alumni of LHU.

Membership Eligibility

Who is eligible for an SRC membership?

  • All current enrolled LHU students (membership is paid as a part of your student fees)
  • LHU Faculty and Staff
  • Retired LHU Faculty and Staff
  • LHU Alumni

All participants must be at least 18 years of age or a Lock Haven University student.

Membership Prices SRC Weight Room


  • $300.00 annual
  • $230.00 academic year
  • $125.00 semester
  • $30.00 month
  • $75.00 summer
  • $75.00 punch card membership (50 uses at your leisure) 

Retired Faculty/Staff

  • $270.00 annual
  • $207.00 academic year
  • $112.50 semester
  • $27.00 month
  • $68.50 summer
  • $68.50 punch card (50 uses at your leisure) 

FLS/ Special Program Students

  • $30.00 month

* All membership sales are non-refundable. The SRC accepts cash & checks only!


Guest Passes

Family members and friends may accompany Student Recreation Center members for a day of fun, exercise, and recreation for only $5. LHU alumni may purchase a guest pass, without being accompanied by a current SRC member.