State System, APSCUF reach tentative agreement, the faculty strike has ended

All classes and activities will resume as normal on Monday.

Read a message from President Fiorentino


Access to the SRC:

  • All SRC participants must present their photo ID each time they access the facility.
  • Access to the facility will be denied without proper identification.

Assumption of Risk:

  • Participation in all areas of the SRC is at the participants' own risk
  • All facilities and equipment in the SRC are to be used for their intended purpose

* modification of the facility/equipment is strictly prohibited

  • All new Faculty, Staff and Alumni SRC members must complete a Medical/History Release Waiver Form before participation in the SRC is permitted (no exceptions).

Shoes & Attire

  • Persons entering the building with MUDDY SHOES will be required to leave. Shoes must be changed before admittance to the SRC is permitted.
  • Athletic shoes (closed toe shoes) are required in all activity areas; Exception: users of the dance/exercise room
  • Sandals are encouraged footwear in showers
  • Appropriate attire is:
    * Gym shorts, jogging pants, wind pants, sweats
    * T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops
  • Shirts must be worn at all times by males and females

* Shirtless activity will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal.
* Males must wear at least a t-shirt/tank top
* Females must wear at least a t-shirt/tank top (sports bras are prohibited)

  • It is recommended that valuables and jewelry not be brought into the SRC.


  • Individuals are expected to conduct themselves in a manner as not to disturb others from enjoying the facilities.
  • Refrain from the use of profanity.
  • The following are prohibited in the SRC:

* Smoking and the use of other tobacco products.

* Alcohol and drugs

* Beverages, Food, Gum (except in vending area)

* Attire possessing profane or offensive statements or illustrations in regard to gender, racial, religious or sexual orientation

* Spitting on the courts or other floor surfaces

** If a participant appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance he/she will be asked to leave the facility, and will be referred to the office of Student Life.


  • Non-marking shoes are required.
  • Shirts are required at all times by males and females.
  • No spitting on the floor.
  • No food, drink (unless water) or glass containers in gym space area.
  • Sports equipment is available for check out at the front desk. (ID required)
  • Gyms bags and other personal belongings are not to be in gym space; all personal belongings should be stored in lockers or storage areas.
  • Gym space will be for informal recreation only, unless otherwise designated by SRC Staff.
  • Basketball: games to 11 (if another team is waiting), winner stays on; no more than three games in a row
  • Volleyball: games to 15, minimum of 4 persons; winner stays on; no more than three games in a row
  • Tennis: standard scoring
  • Badminton: games to 11, minimum 2 persons; winner stays on; no more than three games in a row

Racquetball Rooms

  • Must have non-marking shoes.
  • Standard scoring; be courteous to others if they are waiting.
  • No food or drink inside of court area.
  • Personal belongings should be stored in locker space or storage area, not in racquetball area.
  • Racquetball courts will have a 1 hour time limit on them. Sign ups will be used if necessary.
  • Do not enter a racquetball court while a game is in progress.
  • Eye protection is not required but highly recommended by the SRC. Eye protection is available at the front desk!

Climbing Wall

  • A complete list of Climbing wall policies are found at the following link: Climbing Wall Rules.
  • Users of the SRC Climbing Wall must follow and uphold these policies.
  • Users not adhering to the policies laid out in this document will be asked to leave and will lose privileges to the use of the wall.

Dance/Exercise Room

  • The Dance/Exercise Room will be used only during designated times.
  • All shoes must be of a non-marking sole nature.
  • The Dance/Exercise Room may be reserved for club use during unassigned hours and must be approved for use by the Director.

Jogging Track

  • The jogging track is a four-lane track to be used for jogging and walking.
  • The inside lanes will be used for jogging.
  • The outside lanes will be used for walking.
  • Joggers and walkers should go in clockwise on even days and counter-clockwise on odd days. (This is to prevent uneven wear on the track surface.)
  • Persons using the cardiovascular equipment on the second level are asked to stay on the very outside of the track and to avoid joggers and walkers.

Fitness Center

  • Users of the SRC Fitness Center must adhere to the policies found in the linked document: Fitness Center Policies.
  • Users of the SRC Climbing Wall must follow and uphold these policies.
  • Users not adhering to the policies laid out in this document will be asked to leave and will lose privileges to the use of the Fitness Center.

Lockers and Storing Personal Belongings

  • Lockers will be available for daily use only, in each locker room.
  • Personal belongings, gym bags, coats, street clothes, etc., are not permitted in the activity areas and should be stored in a locker or storage place.
  • Personal basketballs, volleyballs and/or soccer balls are not permitted in the SRC. Personal lifting equipment, climbing equipment (barring a good inspection) and racquets are permitted.
  • There will be NO storage of personal belongings at the service desk area.
  • The University is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Service Desk

  • The service desk will provide sports equipment to users on a check in/out system:

* All equipment will be checked out at the sole responsibility of the card holder.

* All equipment must be checked back in by the end of the operational day.

* Individuals will be assessed for lost, stolen or damaged equipment

* Billing of lost, stolen or damaged equipment will be done by the University


At the discretion of the University, violators of the above policies, according to “Responsibilities” in Students Rights and Policies Section of the Student Handbook will be referred to Student Life. At the time of the violation (with Directors’ discretion), the violator will be required to leave the facility, have their usage restricted for a period of time or any combination of the above.