LHU Foundation Scholarship Opportunities for Returning Students

The Lock Haven University Foundation Scholarship Program is held during the spring semester providing recognition and financial assistance to students who are selected using a range of criteria. 

Scholarships, linked to the left, are divided by college, athletics, international, and general (any major).  Please carefully review the criteria and only apply for scholarships in which you meet the criteria.  The name of the scholarship is hyper-linked to the scholarship application.  You may submit multiple applications or combine on one application (if the application has both scholarships listed). To apply for scholarships in different categories (by major, or general, or athletic) you will be required to complete different applications.  

Once you submit your application you will receive an email verifying that the submission was successful.  In the event additional information is required (recommendation letters, proof of employment, etc.) you may upload with your application or email to Stacey Masorti at sjm1038@lhup.edu

Remember, if you receive a scholarship you will be notified by April 1, 2017 and you will be required to attend Spring Convocation (unless prior approval is granted to miss the convocation).  All scholarship recipients must also write a Thank You Letter to the donor in order to have the scholarship applied.

STUDENT APPLICANTS, all scholarship applications must be completed online. 

For incoming FRESHMAN / TRANSFER student scholarships click here.

Program Procedures:

  • Friday, February 10, 2017 Application Deadline … No exceptions!
  • Foundation awards and scholarships are presented at the Spring Convocation on April 30 at 2:00 pm in Price Auditorium.
  • Students MUST attend LHU for the 2017/2018 academic year to receive the scholarship. 
  • Recipients must attend the Convocation ceremony and write a letter of thanks to the donor in order to receive awards. The attendance requirement may be waived only if acceptable excuses are received by the Enrollment Management Office no later than Friday, April 28. 
  • Amounts of Awards are an approximation of what is likely to be available. 
  • Some awards may be divided among multiple recipients. 
  • Monetary awards will be applied to fall 2017 semester through the Financial Aid Office. Awards of $1000 or more will be split between the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for making selections?
Most recipients are selected by departmental scholarship committees. General scholarships are processed by a committee comprised of representatives from across the LHU community.

Is financial status considered when making selections?
Financial need is often among the criteria stated in the scholarship when established by the donor, while in some cases, it is eliminated. When not included in the selection statement, if applications have equal qualifications, financial status may become a consideration.

Will an award affect your financial aid?
Federal and State guidelines require that other financial aid be taken into consideration. However, should a reduction be necessary, it will occur in the loan area rather than in the scholarship.

Is there any obligation involved with the scholarship program?
The awards are "gifts" with no repayment required. We do require you to attend the Award Convocation and write a thank you letter to the donor. 

Do recipients have to attend Convocation?

Yes, attendance is mandatory in order to receive awards. This is a ceremony which not only recognizes the student recipients but also the benefactors who have established the scholarships.  Benefactors may be present.  In extreme circumstances, attendance may be waived if the Office of Enrollment Management is notified prior to the event.  Individual circumstances will be considered.