LHU Foundation Scholarship Opportunities

The 2015/2016 LHU Foundation Scholarship Opportunities will be posted by December 19, 2014.

Lock Haven University Foundation Scholarships are awarded during the spring semester and provide recognition and financial assistance to selected LHU students who meet certain criteria. (For new incoming student scholarships click here.)

  • It is important to have completed applications returned by deadlines so they can be processed in time for recipients to be included in the award ceremonies

  • Foundation awards and scholarships are presented at the Spring Convocation (Date and Time TBD)
  • Recipients must attend the Convocation ceremony and write a letter of thanks to the donor in order to receive awards. This requirement may be waived only by the office of Enrollment Management
  • Amounts of Awards are an approximation of what is likely to be available
  • Some awards may be divided among multiple recipients
  • Monetary awards will be applied to the succeeding semesters’ accounts in the Financial Aid Office. Awards of $500 or more will be split between the next two semesters


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for making selections?
Most recipients are selected by departmental scholarship committees. There are some scholarships and awards which are processed by a committee comprised of representatives across the LHU community.  Those awards given by departments and those given by the Foundation Committee are listed.

Is financial status considered when making selections?
Financial need is often among the criteria stated in the scholarship when established by the donor, while in some cases, it is eliminated. When not included in the selection statement, if applications have equal qualifications, financial status may become a consideration.

Will an award affect your financial aid?
Federal and State guidelines require that other financial aid be taken into consideration. However, should a reduction be necessary, it will occur in the loan area rather than in the scholarship.

Is there any obligation involved with the scholarship program?
The awards are "gifts" with no repayment required. We do require you to attend the Award Convocation and write a thank you letter to the donor. 

Do recipients have to attend Convocation?
Attendance is mandatory in order to receive awards. This is a ceremony which not only recognizes the student recipients but also the benefactors who have established the scholarships and may be present.