Academic Clubs

Athletic Training Club:
The Athletic Training Club facilitate athletic training, raise student awareness and knowledge in the field through guest speakers and conferences; and take on duties to bring all levels of trainers together, both as friends and students.  The club has sought recognition by extending fundraisers and services to the community and surrounding communities.

Biology Club:
The Biology Club serves as a meeting place and time for students interested in biology or biology-related topics and fields.  The Biology Club also assists students as they endeavor to better understand career choices.

Chemistry Club:
The Chemistry Club serves as an arena for students interested in chemistry and other science related fields.  The Chemistry Club also serves as a conduit for students seeking employment and career opportunities in the field.

Communications Media Club:
To inform, impact, and inspire, if that is what you yearn for, the Communications Media Club may be a great option. The purpose of the club is to provide an outlet for students seeking to participate in the communication and media process. Students collectively interact with the Lock Haven University community.

Criminal Justice Student Organization (both Main & Clearfield Campuses):
The purpose of this organization is to increase participation in the understanding of criminal justice through activities such as individual projects, films, discussions, field trips and invited lectures. Students can increase their participation and understanding of criminal justice field through activities, individual projects, films, discussions, field trips, and invited lecturers.

Early Childhood Education Club:
A community’s future is only as strong as those prepared to provide care to the children. The purpose of the Early Childhood Club is to communicate with and involve current and future Early Childhood Education majors to become involved in the community through volunteer work and interaction with children and to form friendships with those who share our passion of early childhood education. 

El Club de Espanol:
Fluidity begins win students immerse themselves into a culture. The purpose of this organization is to help prepare those who endeavor to improve their knowledge, understanding, and communications skills in the Spanish culture.  Members in the El Club de Española increase their Spanish knowledge by visiting the culture and sharing their experiences.

English Club:
E.M. Foster said, “What is wonderful about great literature is that it transforms the man who reads it towards the condition of the man who wrote.”  Literature, language, poetry, and writing are the essence of what students in the English Club study, debate, and create.  The purpose of this club is to organize and promote activities related to literature, language, poetry, and writing.

Geoscience Club (Geology):
Geoscience includes all the sciences (geology, geophysics, and geochemistry) that study the structure, evolution and dynamics of the planet Earth and its natural mineral and energy resources. Geoscience investigates the processes that have shaped the Earth through its 4600 million year history and uses the rock record to unravel that history - it is concerned with the real world beyond the laboratory and has direct relevance to the needs of society.  The Geoscience Club endeavors to increase the interest and promote the study of geology.

German Club:
The members of the German Club explore and share the many faucets of the German culture including the art, culture, people, and customs. The club provides a vehicle for students to increase their knowledge as well as facilitate an environment where the language and culture can be shared across the campus.

Health Science Club:
At Lock Haven University we want to look and feel good. Well, the students in the Health Science Club are a tremendous resource for health related information as well as provide suggestions and strategies to live a healthy life and adopt a lifestyle for continuous healthy habits through health events on campus.

JS PASS – Physician Assistant Program:
The purpose of the Physician Assistance organization is to promote quality health care, provide public health education, and alerts the campus and community about current issues in the physician assistant profession and to promote interest among physician assistant students and the Lock Haven University community.

Le Club Francais – French Club:
The purpose of the French Club is to introduce, explore and learn about the French traditions and culture. Students of the French Club embrace the customs, food, and learn how to fluently speak the language.

Lock Haven University Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (LHU AHPERD):
The purpose of this organization is to create and stimulate an atmosphere of concern for progress in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, to encourage greater social and professional cooperation among those interested in HPERD, to participate actively in the affairs of the American/District/State Alliance for HPERD and other associations interested in the growth and development of children and adults and to use the special knowledge and skills of the members to serve the entire student body of LHU.

Lock Haven University Council for the Social Studies (LHUPCSS):
According to the National Council for the Social Studies, social studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence. The purpose of this organization is to promote quality Social Studies education.

Lock Haven University Paleontology Club:
Paleontology is the scientific study of prehistoric life, including the study of fossils to determine the evolution of organisms. The purpose of this club is to provide educational, networking, and recreational opportunities for students interested in paleontology.

Lock Haven Psychological Association:
Psychology is the study of the human mind.  The field of psychology seeks to understand and explain how people think, act and feel. The purpose of this organization is to promote a greater interest in the field of Psychology among the students of LHUP.

Marine Science Club:
Marine science or oceanology is the study of the ocean, its ecosystems and all life forms. The purpose of this organization is to promote the awareness and understanding of Marine Science through events such as guest lecturers, trips, awareness programs, and other activities.

Math Club:
Mathematics is connecting numbers and understanding their patters and relationships that provide some kind of reason. The Math Club promotes mathematical awareness among the student body at Lock Haven University.

Nanotechnology Club:
The purpose of the Nanotechnology Club is to increase awareness, interest and understanding of nanotechnology and nanotechnology at LHU.  The Nano members accomplish this through projects, presentations, lectures, and field trips as well as the creation of an information database for all students, and the hosting of ‘Think Tank’ discussions in order to increase awareness and participation of university research opportunities in the multidisciplinary field.

Philosophy Club:
The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for philosophy majors, minors, and others interested in philosophy to discuss issues related to philosophy outside of the classroom setting.  The club members also promote student interest in research and to provide opportunities for the publication of student research papers of merit.

Physics Club:
Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and how both interact. The purpose of the Physics Club is to increase participation in the understanding of physics through activities such as individual projects, film discussions, field trips, and invited lectures.

Political Science Organization:
The purpose of this group is to provide an outlet for political discussion, provide a safe environment to offer opinions regarding politics and government, provide an opportunity to expand on issues regarding politics and government, and to provide an ability to collectively interact, experience, and debate issues regarding politics and government.

Pre – Law Club:
The purpose of this organization shall be to unite students with a common interest in law, while assisting in the everyday challenges and dissemination of information about law and the pursuance of such a course of study.

Pre – Med Club:
The purpose of this organization is to provide a more informed, integrated, and educated premedical community on campus.  The club provides opportunities to help further enhance students’ pre-medical experience, and provide students with the tools they will need to enter the medical field.

Recreation Society:
The purpose of the Recreation Club is to gain additional knowledge of the field of recreation by sharing ideas and experiences through clinics, workshops, speakers, meetings, and conferences.  This organization also increases socialization and promotes recreational opportunities for club members, students, faculty, and staff of Lock Haven University.

Secondary Education Students of Pennsylvania State Education Association (SESPSEA):
The purpose of this organization is to provide assistance and support to Secondary Education majors and persons with secondary education interests.

Social Science Club:
Social science is the study of social life and human nature.  There are many types of social sciences, including but not limited to anthropology, communication studies, criminology, economics, and geography.  The purpose of this organization shall be to meet and discuss issues related to the social science field, to promote student interest in research and advanced study in the social sciences. The club often sponsors speakers and other events for the greater university community.

Social Work Club:
The purpose of this organization is to provide an outlet for social work opportunities and allow students to collectively interact with the Lock Haven University community.

Society of Collegiate Journalists:
To promote the cause and purpose of the mass communications field at the collegiate level; to teach ethics, technique, and mechanics of fraternal spirit among its members; and to reward student communicators for their efforts, services and accomplishments by granting them membership.

Spanish Club – Vamos a Charlar!
The purpose of Vamos a Charlar! is to speak in Spanish and to improve Spanish speaking skills primarily of Spanish BA and Education majors, but also for anyone who would like to practice speaking in Spanish.

Sport Administration Society:
The society is dedicated to the students of Lock Haven University who are interested in furthering their knowledge and educational opportunities in the Sport Administration and Management Field.  Everyone is welcome; however, meetings, speakers, and events will be geared toward Sport Administration Majors. 

Sport and Exercise Psychology Club:
The purpose of this organization is to provide students with an interest in sport and exercise psychology the occasion to interact and a chance to acquire information about the discipline and related educational opportunities through seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Students of Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA):
The purpose of this organization is as part of the state wide organization the local group is able to keep abreast of issues, problems, and concerns affecting the state’s youth and those who work with them.

Therapeutic Recreation Club:
Therapeutic Recreations is designed to promote health and wellness and reduce or eliminate the activity limitations and restrictions to participation in life situations. The club was created to expand the supportive atmosphere and professional development opportunities for the students in the Therapeutic Recreation department.