Club Sports

Airsoft Club:
The purpose of the Airsoft Club is to provide a means to engage in Airsoft games.  The club is also looking to enhance the physical fitness of the students around campus and educate people throughout the community on the game of Airsoft.  Airsoft is an accurate and realistic war gaming technology utilizing specifically designed firearm replicas that shoot plastic call-bearings.

Cricket Club
The Cricket Club provides a vehicle for students to participate in organized cricket at Lock Haven University.  This club is here to educate the students on the game of cricket.

Fencing Club:
The purpose of this organization is to provide students the opportunity to participate in fencing activities.

Forensics Team (Debate Team):
The Debate Team competes in debate and speaking tournaments as well as provides assistance to students to improve and strengthen communication skills. The team also fosters professional development.

Golf Club:
Golf is a precision club and ball sport where players are successful based on the fewest number of strokes. The purpose of the Golf Club is to allow students the chance to learn and participate in the game of golf.

Ice Hockey Club:
Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice, in which skaters score by shooting their rubber hockey puck into their opponents nets. The purpose club is to promote ice hockey of a competitive nature.

LHU Powerlifting Club
The purpose of this organization is to provide an avenue for Lock Haven University students to competitively participate in powerlifting, to provide education in proper powerlifting technique and guidelines, and to promote a drug-free atmosphere among members.

Lock Haven Climbing Club:
The purpose of this organization is to introduce Lock Haven University students to participating in indoor and outdoor rock climbing, slack lining, and other types of climbing to promote a healthy lifestyle and lifelong passion for climbing through competitions, practices, training, and gaining knowledge of climbing facilities.

Lock Haven Twirlers:
The purpose of this organization is to introduce the sport of baton twirling to students and the campus community. The club also informs members and the campus community about twirling through events, activities, and hands on participation.

Lock Haven University Winterguard:
The purpose of this club is to establish an organization that fulfills the interest of certain Lock Haven University students, to give the members the opportunity to meet with students of the same interests and perform at indoor guard competitions, and to add to the diversity of lock haven University’s list of extracurricular activities.

Roller Hockey Club:
Roller hockey is a form of hockey played on a dry surface using skates and wheels.  The purpose of this organization is to provide competitive roller hockey to the LHU students and promote sportsmanship among members and supporters.

Skiing & Boarding Club:
The purpose of the Ski and Boarding Club is to provide a way for students to ski and snowboard.

Ultimate Frisbee:
The purpose of the Ultimate Frisbee Club is to provide an area for students to play Ultimate Frisbee and to allow students to gain a better understanding for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.