Production and Performance

Dance Consort:
The Dance Consort provides students a pre-professional experience in dance, while studying various forms, such as classical, historical, and cultural.  The consort also enriches the creative and artistic climate on campus as well as for the community. In addition the consort increases the awareness of choreography, dance, aesthetics, historical reconstruction and dance criticism.

Diamonds N Da Ruff:
The purpose of this organization is to unify people of different cultures while portraying and acknowledging their cultures through the expression of dance.  The organization also brings about the awareness as well as recognizes the role dance plays in society.

Gospel Choir:
Dating back to the early 19th century gospel music has been a venue to inspire, educate, and empower people to step into their success through faith. The Gospel Choir provides its members a venue in which to express themselves through the gospel and an atmosphere for spiritual enlightenment.

H2 Real Hip Hop:
The purpose of this club is to recognize every the element of Hip-Hop and exercise each aspect of the genre by providing a venue to express and display talents.  In addition the club provides an opportunity to educate people on the many faucets of the Hip-Hop culture, including the history, and influence it has on everyday life.

Hip-Hop Dance Club:
The purpose of the Hip-Hop Dance Club is to let Lock haven students express their individual style of dance in an organized fashion.  The dance club is also a form of entertainment for Lock Haven university students and faculty.  This club is an up to date, stylish, and fresh way to show expression through song and dance.

Jazz/Rock Ensemble:
The purpose of the Jazz and Rock Ensemble is to seek participation from students in playing jazz and enjoying the genre of music.

LHU Freestyle Dance Crew:
The purpose of this organization is to promote student involvement in Freestyle dancing techniques and principles and the free expression of dance through techniques such as popping, locking, break dance, krump. Members not only learn about these techniques but also learn through participation and organizing events and activities.

Lock Down:
The purpose of the Lock Haven University Step Team is to teach art of step as well as its history.  This group also finds opportunities to promote diversity by creating a sense of family, and also willingness to participate in efforts with community outreach.

Modern Dance Company:
The purpose of this organization is to offer students the opportunity to participate in creative dance study, composition, and performance.  The club also endeavors to stimulate interest in artistic and creative dance, foster standards of performance, appreciation, and understanding of dance as an Art Form in the community.

No Label Royalty (Fashion Design):
The purpose of this organization is to bring creativity and excitement of the “fashion world” to the Lock Haven University campus and community through activities consisting of fashion shows, informational workshops, and other events. The organization also places a strong emphasis on leadership and team building through community service.

Revamp Dance Crew:
The purpose of this organization is to offer men and women the opportunity to learn and participate in creative dance, composition, and performance using a social dance styles.

University Choir:
For people who come together for the mutual inspiration and pleasure which is derived from choral singing.  The purpose of the University Choir is to provide the campus through performances a wide variety of choral music.