ROTC Future Cadets


The Lock Haven ROTC program has a long standing tradition of excellence and we actively recruit students who will follow in this tradition of excellence. Through ROTC cadets will make lifelong friends, travel the world, attend top notch military schools, and improve their leadership skills. The cadets of Lock Haven University's ROTC program have traveled to Africa, Europe and Asia  through the ROTC program CULP. The cadets from this program annually attend schools such as: airborne, air assault, mountain warfare, and combat diver school.

The Haven ROTC program sets high standards for its Cadets. We are a student-centric organization and you will receive individualized and personalized attention in your efforts to become an Army Officer. We are focused toward your success and we will provide you with personal counseling and guidance from experienced military personnel, as well as fellow cadets. The Haven ROTC is expanding its reach into the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and works personally with Army Medical recruiters in order to provide options for medical schools, nursing, and physician assistant training.

Our program takes advantage of all of the qualities that attract students to Lock Haven University in that we are a small program that can provide you with individualized and tailored attention.

The upcoming years of college will set the foundation for the rest of your life. What better way to start off your life than without student loans, with a possible full time job, and one of the best networking systems in the United States?

If you are interested in a campus visit with our program contact the Recruiting Operations Officer at (570) 484-2903 or by email at