Infirmary FAQ's

Who can get services at Glennon Health Services?
Any LHU student, with a valid student ID, can come to our office, during posted hours, and receive evaluation and treatment of illnesses and injuries. We require that you submit:

    PRIOR to beginning studies at LHU, to ensure accurate and timely care when you need it.

Why does Glennon Health Services need my insurance information?
While our services are provided at no additional charge there are some lab tests that are not included. Should you need those services, it is much easier to obtain the information BEFORE you are ill or injured, so it is quickly available.

Can I get a Physical Exam at Glennon Health Services?
No. Physical Exams are provided at Urgent Care in McElhattan. Free taxi services is available to/from Glennon Health Services.

Can I get a prescription/refill at Glennon Health Services?
No. We can assist you with locating one of the many area pharmacies. Be sure to take your insurance/prescription cards with you.

Can I have blood work/test done at Glennon Health Services?
No. Laboratory services are done by Jersey Shore Hospital and Tiadaghton Health Services. Taxi services to/from are also free but has to be done through Glennon Health Services. Be sure to take your insurance card with you.

How can I get to the hospital for lab work, testing, etc.?
We offer FREE taxi service for LHU students (with ID) to the hospital and return. You must contact our office.

Can I get STD/HIV or pregnancy testing?

University students are eligible for services at the local Centre Tapestry of Health (1 block from East Campus). Appointment needed. 570-748-6237 or 814-355-2762.

Can I get my allergy injections at Glennon Health Services?

No. We no longer offer allergy injections. Allergy injections are offered by:

  • Dr. Sabir Khan, M.D. (570) 753-8620
  • Dr. Stephen Goykovich, D.O. (570)753-8620

Do you accept insurances?

LHU provides limited health care at Glennon Health Services for a set fee, which is charged with your tuition each semester. On occasion it is necessary to obtain blood work, x-rays, or cultures. These services are provided through Jersey Shore Hospital or Tiadaghton Health Services. The lab will bill your insurance for any services it provides. It is your responsibility to know your service coverage and area coverage. LHU and Glennon Health Services are not liable for fees not covered by your insurance.

Do you provide Student Insurance?

Student Insurance is available through LHU.
Contact: LHU Student Life
Phone:(570) 484-2022

Can you give immunizations/vaccinations?

We offer Tuberculosis testing and flu shots (during certain months) . Department of Health offers limited vaccinations. Contact: PA Dept. of Health (570) 893-2437

Is there a nurse to see me when I am sick or injured?

Yes. Walk in care is provided during posted office hours, although you may need to wait a short time. A nurse will evaluate you and provide care per protocols. If it is determined that you require further care, a Physician's Assistant and/or Medical Doctor are also available on site. There is no additional charge for these services.

Can I get a copy of my records?

Yes. You must sign a Record Release in our office. Please allow 24-72 hours for a copy of your record. No fee is required.

Can I get a tuberculosis (TB) test?

Yes. LHU students are eligible for one FREE tuberculosis (TB) test every year. No appointment necessary. ID required.

Can you talk to my parents with information regarding my illness/injury?

No. A Record of Release form must be signed by the student in order to release information to anyone.

What should I do when I am sick or injured?

In order for Glennon Health Services to provide the best care, you need to come to our office in the Glennon Building during posted office hours. If it is not during office hours, and you cannot wait, you can go to Jersey Shore Hospital ER  or Urgent Care at McElhattan for evaluation and treatment. We can provide any follow up care later.