On-Campus Employment

On-Campus Employment

Students may work no more than 20 hours per week on-campus while school is in session.  While school is not in session, students are permitted to work 40 hours per week (example: summer or intercession break). These 20 hours include the work you do for your assistantship if you have one. You are not permitted to work off-campus without receiving PRIOR authorization from the U.S. Federal Government and/or the Institute for International Studies depending upon your visa status type.  Employment possibilities are very limited. Scholars are permitted to work as stipulated on the DS-2019 for the Lock Haven University. You are NOT permitted to work anywhere else in the United States including being paid for a lecture or speech, without written authorization from the Institute of International Studies. If such opportunities arise please schedule an appointment with an Institute of International Studies advisor.

To find on-campus employment, please visit the Career Services website and look to apply for jobs that are listed as on-campus employment.

Once you receive an offer for an on-campus job, please come to the Institute for International Studies to begin the process of applying for a Social Security Number.  Students must have an offer to begin this process.  For more information on how to obtain a Social Security Number for work purposes, visit our forms web page.

To find out more information about Student Employment Forms, visit the Student Employment Paperwork webpage on the Human Resources website.

Questions regarding international student employment on campus should be directed to John Gradel at jrg5874@lhup.edu