Study Abroad



Considering studying abroad?

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience and learning opportunity. It is one of the most rewarding experiences in a college student's career. Getting to know another culture, living in a new environment, learning a new language, making new friends are only some of the great benefits that students enjoy from studying abroad. Equally important for American students is the discovery of their own country - its customs, its traditions and values - as they come to see them from an international perspective. It is common to hear returnees say that the overseas experience has changed their lives.

A world of opportunities around LHU

At Lock Haven University, we bring new meaning to the idea that "higher education will broaden your horizons." Imagine horizons as broad as Australia, Mexico or even China. These destinations are within your reach here at LHU! You can spend a semester or a year abroad in any of 20+ countries. Go as early as your sophomore year or as late as your senior year. You will live in a residence hall or with a host family at our partner university and take courses that fulfill general education requirements or fulfill requirements for major and minor courses of study.

Studying abroad gives you much more than great memories; you will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, and perspectives as well as gain independence and a sense of accomplishment. Studying abroad makes you stand out when applying for jobs in the current global market place.

So who says that school is "always by the book?" Try "lessons in life" the LHU way, lessons from Spain, Taiwan, Finland or New Zealand! Just think...broadened horizons, better job opportunities, interesting friends, fantastic memories, and not to mention awesome snapshots...all of these await you at Lock Haven University.

For more information on LHU's study abroad programs, please view this link for all programs, visit us in the Institute for International Studies (200 Ulmer), attend a weekly Information Session, or e-mail to schedule a meeting.