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Program Details

The Visual Arts Seminar is designed to give students the experience of the arts and architecture present in London, Paris and the Palace of Versailles. Using the area architecture and museums as a classroom, the course will cover a wide variety of periods from the Gothic to the Modern. Selected works will be discussed and analyzed with a concentration on art, historic significance and culture. This course meets General Education requirements in art and all required External Experience overlays, one unit of Information Literacy and one unit of Multicultural.  To receive an email outlining the current schedule, expenses, and all travel information, contact Professor Huber by email (phuber@lhup.edu) or phone (570) 484-2130.

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Student Comments

I absolutely loved the opportunity to travel across the world to experience and learn about new cultures and art. It was an outstanding opportunity to discuss famous works of art in prestigious and world renowned museums. By participating in this class, I was encouraged to develop skills that I will retain and carry with me throughout life. Although it was short lived, studying abroad has proven to be an amazing experience. Mark Twain said it best with “travel is fatal to prejudice”, because I certainly feel more connected to the world after my Humanities Seminar ART328!

~ Brennan Register

Whether you are an art major or not this trip will be a fantastic experience. I'm an art major and I have to admit that I was nervous about leading a discussion for twenty-five minutes, but everyone in the class was really great about participating and helping each other out because we are all in the same boat. For me the trip was a real eye opener because I now love London and am even thinking about looking into finding an internship/job their after graduation. 

~ Jessica Cherry 

My experience in Paris and London was great. For not being an art major, I learned how to appreciate art more than I ever have with the symbolisms and the compositions of the works we presented. It was always my dream to go to Paris but when I got there it wasn't really what I expected. Funny enough I liked London a lot more than Paris which was unexpected. I had a great time there - they had great food and affordable restaurants. And if I had an opportunity like this again I would hop right on.

P.S. I'm a football player, you don't get much of us on trips like this.

~ Zsoné Olds


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Dominican Republic

Experiencing a different culture in another country and the educational system within that country is a powerful experience for pre-service teachers.  In order to fulfill requirements of SPEC335 Comparative Special Education, students will travel to the Dominican Republic for a short term study during winter intersession.  While in the Dominican, students will have the opportunity to experience the culture, teach in the schools, and engage in several service learning projects.  Through these opportunities students gain understanding of the intersection of culture, economics, education, personal values and the impact that each of them have on services provided to individuals with disabilities. 

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The first group of students who participated in this faculty led program during January 2014 had the following to say about their experience: 

My travels with the Lock Haven University group to The Dominican Republic was not only an eye opening experience but rewarding in so many ways that words can’t even describe.  Every experience that we were involved in throughout our stay has been stamped in a special place in my heart.  Being able to help community members and to learn about the culture gave us greater knowledge for how a country like the Dominican Republic thrives and survives amongst poverty, lack of educational resources and services, prostitution, and many other issues that lie beneath the beautiful palm trees and blue waters. As a future teacher, this cultural experience has made me aware of not only education in general, in another country, but more specifically special education and the lack of support and awareness involving disabilities. 

~ Ashley Bohn, Senior, PreK4 and Special Education Dual major 

This trip has impacted my life in more ways than I had ever imagined it would.  Teaching is something I've always wanted to do, and I am so lucky to have had an opportunity to make an impact on the education of the children in the Dominican Republic.  As a future educator, I value and appreciate all that the United States has to offer in terms of education, and it just can't even compare to the education that exists in the Dominican.  It really makes you appreciate all that we do to learn about and help diverse student populations. 

~ Ashlyn Bailey, PreK4 and Special Education Dual major 

This trip has impacted my life by showing me a different culture that I have never experienced. It has impacted me as a future teacher because it showed me that you need to be able to accommodate to other cultures and be open to where others come from. It also made me realize that there are plenty of opportunities out there for teachers across the world.  I know this trip has made me think about teaching other places, in a third world country.

~ Cheyenne Skinner, Middle Level, PreK-4, and Special Education major