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    Clearance Packet   Liability Insurance
    Clearances & TB Policy  

Students taking block in the fall and student
teaching in the spring:Only need 1 year of liability
insurance. Taking block in the spring and student
teaching in the fall will need 2 years of liability
insurance, as insurance year runs from September 1 to August 31.

    Candidacy Policy    
    Candidacy Checklist   Student Teacher Communication Disposition Evaluation Form

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Arrest or Conviction Form Act 24       Student Teaching Policy Handbook
PA Standard Application   Requirement Timelines (All Teachers)
PDE 430    



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Senior Portfolio Rubric 
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Testing Requirements for Pennsylvania

What tests to take for LHU students          

Preparing for the Test

Preparation Materials

PAPA Composite Scores


I. Composite Score Option   for PAPA:

The Composite Scoring Option   for PAPA was initiated to enable a candidate who may excel in one area such   as mathematics, but who is not strong in another PAPA area, to receive a   passing score on the PAPA series. In order to qualify, a candidate must meet   a minimum score in each test area (Mathematics, Reading, and Writing) and   then exceed the passing score by an amount equal to the Standard Error of   Measurement in one or two of the other test areas. The candidate’s test   scores are added together, and if the scores total 686, the candidate has   passed the PAPA series. The Minimum Scores required for the Composite Scoring   Option are shown below.

Test Name

Test Code

Standard PAPA Qualifying   Score

Minimum Composite Score

PAPA Reading




PAPA Writing




PAPA Mathematics


220                                                                      197

Minimum Composite Score: 686

(Sum of the 3 PAPA test must total or exceed this number)

Composite Score Total does not represent the sum of the 3 minimum scores. Candidates must achieve the qualifying

Score (220) in at least 1 area and also reach the Minimum Composite Score Total.


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