Trolley Schedule

Want to get around campus with ease, park your car and catch the LHU Trolley? The Trolley is a fast and convenient way to move around campus with stops at several City of Lock Haven destinations including downtown, Wal Mart and East Campus. The trolley schedules are posted here and around campus. The trolley routes begin each weekday morning around 7:00 am and the trolley service concludes around 5:30 pm.

In order to keep up with demand and have you at your destination on time, LHU has added an additional trolley. The new trolley is now in operation and it is eco-friendly.   The new trolley is a CNG (Compressed natural gas) vehicle. CNG is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel fuel and propane. Although CNG's combustion does produce greenhouse gases, it is widely considered a more environmentally "clean" alternative to conventional fuels. So, this semester ditch the car and jump on the trolley and move around campus with ease!

Click Here for the LHU Trolley Schedule