Become a Tutor

Peer Tutors needed!Tutoring

  • Tutor small groups on a weekly basis or individuals on a drop-in basis
  • A great opportunity to convey knowledge you have acquired
  • An excellent experience to add to your resume

Requirements to be a Tutor:

  • Overall 3.0 GPA
  • An "A" or "B" in course(s) you wish to tutor, unless not required for your major
  • Sign up for the 20 minute interview
  • Two recommendations from LHU Faculty (use the form below)
  • Complete paid five-week training program!
  • Tutors must submit updated unofficial transcripts every semester

Applying to be a Tutor:

To apply to be a tutor, please read and sign the following forms:

*If you work at another cost code on campus, remember you can only work a TOTAL of 20 hours per week