Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in the Stephanie A. Wollock Learning Commons.  During the fall and spring semesters, The Writing Center provides:

  • Walk-in, face-to-face tutorial services for any writing task.
  • Tutors target 1-3 issues for each writing.
  • Tutors and tutees discuss strategies to address the most pressing writing issues.

The Writing Center will be open during Summer II. 

The Writing Tutors will be available Monday-Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 pm


Although working with a tutor face-to-face is optimal, online tutoring is also available via the following:

Papers can be submitted as an attachment to lhuwriting@lhup.edu.

When submitting online, please note the following:

  • Online tutoring is intended exclusively for student writers who cannot make writing center hours. Face-to-face tutoring is more effective for addressing writing concerns and discussing effective solutions.
  • Online tutoring mimics face-to-face sessions.  Responses will focus on 1-3 most pressing issues, point out patterns to identify those issues and either prompt you with questions or offer multiple approaches to improve.
  • Working drafts must be attached to your email and provide some background instruction for the tutors including due date, class, assignment topic, and any concerns that you or your professor might have for this assignment.       

Please address questions, comments, or concerns to tutoring@lhup.edu.