Winter Intersession Specific Billing Information

The Student Accounts Office generates and issues bills to students for each term they are enrolled at Lock Haven University. Bills include charges for tuition and fees, housing, and meal plans. Tuition and fees are required for all credits earned, including internships, courses held abroad, and self-study credits. These mandatory fees are required to support academic and ancillary functions, the University, and our students.

Winter Intersession courses are typically web-based courses. Therefore, there are no housing or meal plans offered during this time.

Paper bills will not be mailed to the student's home address for the winter intersession.  Students will be notified when their student bill is available in the myHaven portal.  Students are encouraged to view their bill immediately and take the necessary actions to pay this bill in accordance with the due date listed on the bill.

Winter Intersession is separate from the Fall / Spring semesters and therefore billed separately. For that reason, the credit hours cannot be combined with either the Fall or Spring semesters to determine tuition and fee charges.

Payment options for the winter intersession remain the same as regular semester payment options with the exception of the monthly payment plan through TMS.  No formal payment plan is offered during the winter intersession.

There is no financial aid awarded for the Winter Intersession. However, students who have excess Spring semester financial aid and expect a refund may use that aid / refund to pay their Winter Intersession bill.