Alumni Feature: LHU Alumnus Justin Chirico Creates Art from His Life in Norway

Justin ChiricoLife has taken alumnus Justin Chirico around the world since his time at LHU. From stints in New York to Alaska, to his life in Røros, Norway—Chirico has made a life by making art. In 2015, he officially immigrated to the country. He and his wife, Sarah, enjoy the country’s rich history and culture. The couple maintain a kennel with eleven huskies and Sarah enjoys dog mushing.

Much of Chirico’s art is based on his experience living amongst indigenous cultures in both Norway and Alaska. His most recent body of work will be featured in an upcoming solo show in Levanger, Norway. Of the upcoming show, Chirico shares, “There will be 25 new Oil paintings on view and a component of sound and performance related to the show, along with several sculptural artworks.”  The show, titled "HVAL" which translates as Whale in Norwegian, will be on view through March 10th 2017.

Chirico says, “This will be my 6th solo show here in Norway, with artwork driven by my impressions into a Polar North, and reflections into the Arctic hunting towns.”  

For more on Chirico, his life in Norway and his art, check out the fall 2016 issue of The Haven Magazine.

Justin Chirico creates art based on his experiences with indigenous cultures in Norway and Alaska. He will open a solo show in Levanger, Norway in February.