This is My Haven Video Contest

Contest Rules & Overview-

The Office of Admissions invites current LHU students to submit creative and authentic short  videos (up to 30 seconds) highlighting Lock Haven University. These videos will be used to showcase the creativity of LHU students and show prospective students and their families some of the many things there are to do at The Haven.


What do I have to do?

Enter - Complete an entry and consent form, listing the names, emails, and phone numbers of all persons included in your video, both on and off camera. 

Record - Whether you choose to work alone or with a group of friends, create a video about LHU. The subject is completely up to you.  Just follow the guidelines below.

Submit- Deliver your video to the Office of Admissions on CD-ROM or thumb drive. Deadline is April 24, 2015 at 4:00 PM,

Win - A panel of judges will review and choose three winners based on contest criteria.  Prize money is up for grabs.  Good luck and have fun!

View - After all of your hard work is over and your masterpiece is created visit our YouTube channel (LHU1870) where you can view the winning entries. 


1st Place-  $750

2nd Place-  $500

3rd Place-  $250 



* Your academic career interests

* Something cool about your internship

* Favorite local place to eat and why

* Study abroad

* Extracurricular interest, club, sport or hobby

* School spirit

* Favorite off-campus or on-campus hangout

* Any LHU-related topic you want to highlight



We are looking for videos that personify Lock Haven University.  The panel of judges will evaluate the entries based on incorporation of the content requirements below, entertainment value, and production quality.

1.  Must highlight Lock Haven University or student engagement within the surrounding area

2.  No more than 30 seconds long

3.  Be in good taste

4.  The contest is open to any current Lock Haven undergraduate or graduate student

5.  Submitting a video gives LHU consent to use that video for student recruitment

6.  Prize money will be divided equally among team members

7.  More than one entry per student is allowed...submit as many as you'd like!

8.  Videos should be in English and not violate the Lock Haven Student Code of Conduct

9.  Submit your video on a CD-ROM or thumb drive along with the entry consent form to the Office of Admissions

10.  The contest is open until April 24, 2015, at 4:00 PM



When does the contest begin and end?

The contest starts NOW and ends April 24, 2015, at 4:00 PM..

Are there specific video formats or restrictions?
Your video should be in a format that can be uploaded to YouTube. We would like full resolution files in one of the following formats: .MOV, .MP4, .MPG, or QuickTime.


Do I need to obtain permission to use clips of other films or music in my video?
Yes, unless the amount you are using and the way you are using it constitutes “fair use” under the applicable U.S. copyright laws. Your video will be disqualified if it does not comply with U.S. copyright laws.  For more information about “fair use,” visit the U.S. Copyright Office website (


May I enter more than one video? 


Who is eligible?
Only current LHU students may enter the contest.  Everyone who works on the video must be a current LHU student.


Can we enter a video as a team?
Yes!  Just limit the number of people working on the video to five.  Any prize money will be divided among your team members.


How will my video be used?
We plan to feature the winning videos on the Lock Haven University website and, YouTube channel (LHU1870), and may use them for other promotional purposes in the future.


How will the winners be selected?
Videos will be judged on creativity, originality, depiction of LHU, overall entertainment value and quality of work.


If I win, when do I get my prize money? 
You will receive a check from the Lock Haven University Foundation once the winners are announced.


I have other questions.  Who do I contact?
Contact Caitlin Sweeney in the Admissions Office directly at (570) 484-2354 or


Please fill out the Video Contest Consent form at to get started!