Caricature of Donald Simanek

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Dr. Donald E. Simanek

Title: Emeritus Professor of Physics, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, Lock Haven, PA, 17745. (1964-1998)

Highest degree: Ph.D. in physics from The Pennsylvania State University (1983).

Other degrees: B.A. and M.S. in physics from The University of Iowa (1959, 1962).

Interests: Optics, history of science, the science/pseudoscience interface, 3d photography, teaching critical thinking; physics laboratory instruction and physics demonstrations, skepticism; visual illusions, Meccano and Erector designs.

Current activities: In addition to maintaining these educational web pages, I write a regular column, "Toys, Tricks and Teasers" for MAKE! magazine. Also occasional articles and reviews for MAKE!, Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer.

More details in my Vita.

Here's a list of my Illustrated Lectures.

Input and suggestions are welcome at this address.

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