Title IX: Main Campus

If you Become a Victim:

  • Get to a safe place such as LHU HOPE Center, Clinton County Women's Center, LHU Public Safety, your own home/residence hall/apartment, to a Resident Assistant, to a friend or family member, or simply a public place. Your physical safety is a priority.
  • Contact a trusted family member or friend for support.
  • Seek medical attention (Glennon Student Health Services, Lock Haven Hospital, or your local healthcare provider).
  • Contact the Office of LHU Public Safety (570-484-2278), Lock Haven City Police (911 / 570-748-2936), or your local enforcement agency.
  • Contact the Title IX Coordinator (Deana Hill, 570-484-2014) or Deputy Coordinator (Jamie Shipe, 570-484-2838).

Campus and Community Resources:

  • LHU HOPE Center (570-484-2111)
  • LHU Counseling Services (570-484-2479)
  • Clinton County Women’s Center (570-748-9509)
  • LHU Public Safety (570-484-2278)
  • Lock Haven City Police (911 or 570-748-2936)
  • Glennon Student Health Services (570-484-2276)
  • Lock Haven Hospital (24 Cree Drive, Lock Haven, PA)
  • Lycoming/Clinton Joinder Board Crisis Hotline (570-748-2262)

Student Rights:

As an LHU student and victim of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and/or stalking, you are entitled to human dignity rights, campus judicial and legal rights and resources. You have the right to...

  • Change your academic and/or living situations if such changes are reasonably available
  • Request that campus personnel prevent/stop unwanted contact from your alleged perpetrator(s) by issuing a no-contact directive
  • Utilize the student judicial process by filing a complaint with the Associate Dean of Student and Residence Life
  • File a criminal report with Lock Haven City Police and/or LHU Public Safety
  • Apply for a Protection From Abuse order
  • Access the medical treatment at the Lock Haven Hospital, Glennon Student Health Services, or your local healthcare provider
  • Seek referrals to counseling services, and other support groups