B.A. Communication

students in Communication

A Communication major at Lock Haven University has the option of choosing one of six distinct tracks designed to fully prepare students for a career in a Communication related field.

Track 1: Journalism

This track prepares you for a career in newspapers and magazine  such as a reporter, editor, publisher, speech writer and other fields where concise, factual writing is required. You will hone your news judgment ability and learn various writings styles such as feature writing, sports writing, magazine and opinion writing. You will also learn copy editing and media design skills.

Track 2: Electronic Media

This track prepares you for a broadcast career in television  and radio. The courses within the program are designed to give you knowledge of  technology and software application; production skills; writing, recording and  editing experience; and on-air performance skills. You will be prepared to be a  TV producer, radio DJ, sportscaster, reporter, production specialist and  more.

Track 3: Advertising and Public Relations

This track prepares you for a career in advertising and public  relations such as an advertising sales consultant, advertising designer, graphic specialist, public relations practitioner or writer for an advertising agency or  public relations firm. You will learn how to develop ad and PR campaigns. This includes creative writing and design skills and market research methods.

Track 4: Professional Communication

This track prepares you for a career as a communication professional. Courses in the track and experiences outside the classroom provide you with the skills and abilities to compose effective professional documents, deliver successful presentations, and lead productive teams. This track opens up  opportunities for you to enter, grow, and succeed in a variety of fields such as  human resources, management, sales, training, consulting, and higher education  administration.

Track 5: Public Discourse and Performance

This track prepares you to perform for audiences for a variety  of purposes. You will become a confident, effective oral communicator by  learning about message formation and analysis, critical thinking, and control  over your vocal and nonverbal communication tools. You will be prepared for a career in ministry, motivational speaking, professional training and consulting,  lobbying and political communication, performance for theater and entertainment  media, and others.