LHU Marching Band

Visual and Performing Arts

Visual arts at Lock Haven University consist of two majors, Fine Arts and Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Studio Art. The Fine Arts major learns that humanity provides the background for all art. It is the human experience and condition that lays the foundation upon which the creation and evaluation of art rests. A fine art major with an art emphasis features studio experiences combined with a broad-based liberal arts background. Students will take courses in western and non-western art history, as well as studio courses such as drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, arts and crafts, photography and electronic art as part of this multi-faceted major.

This flexible program allows students to select courses from a wide variety of studio art and art history offerings and choose an area of specialization. Students will be introduced to traditional and contemporary art media and content to help them develop visual literacy and aesthetic awareness. Students will learn to appreciate art and learn about the history and culture of art past and present.

The Bachelor of Fine Art is a professional degree and requires a more concentrated and specific art experience. Students may choose to concentrate in one of three specializations. This program is more selective and to be admitted, students must submit a portfolio as part of the application process for admission to LHU. This sampling should include twelve to twenty pieces of work.

The Performing Arts at Lock Haven University (LHU) consists of Dance, Music and Theatre. Music majors will be offered many opportunities that will develop their love of music. Students will find experiences in all areas of music, from marching band to choral ensembles, jazz ensembles, and chamber music to modern technology.

The developing dance program at LHU encompasses dance as a Fine Art as well as Humanity. The program is based on the development of students physically, creatively, scholastically, and professionally. Technique classes in Modern and Ballet are imbued with a strong anatomical base and complimented with courses in Dance History, Composition, and Dance Education.

The theatre program combines a liberal arts background with practical theatre production experience. Students will study dramatic theory and forms of theatrical productions from a historical and contemporary approach. In addition to studying acting techniques, scenic, lighting, costume and stage makeup design, you will have opportunities in Creative Dramatics, Directing and Children's Theatre.

The academic program is coupled with the practical experience component allowing the student to gain hands-on experience in all of the collaborative roles associated with a theatre production.