The Theatre Program at Lock Haven University offers a wide variety for the incoming Theatre Major/Minor.  We not only develop the well-rounded general theatre student, but a major can focus on one of four concentrations:  General, Performance, Musical Theatre, and Technical Theatre.  The LHU Program encourages our students to become skillfully trained. They are given “hands-on” experiences in theatre production:  acting, scene design, the audition processes to prepare them for real life experiences. Efforts are ongoing to continue to offer up to date and “real world” reflections of careers in our training.  At the end of each year, the theatre faculty assesses our majors with portfolio compilation and interviews.  Students are then given advice and training in areas of portfolio structure in order to best market themselves for graduate school or entering the theatre profession.

Being a part of the Lock Haven Theatre experience means that students are introduced to a variety of theatre experiences which prepares them for their future professional careers. These experiences include (but are not limited to): Set, Lighting, Costume, and Prop Design; Stage Management; Light and Sound Board Operation; Master Electrician; Front of House Coordination; Box Office Management; Production; Directing; Playwriting; Dramaturgy; and more.  We continue to build upon our current successes in the area of community awareness and visibility of LHU Theatre by participation in the community and our theatrical production season, i.e. publicity efforts and community events such as parades and our Haunted Studio.  We also focus on building a network of professional relationships both locally and in Philadelphia.  Our latest collaborations include Millbrook Playhouse in which students are involved performing internships both onstage and backstage, as well as bringing in guest artists such as co-artistic director/actor Dito van Reigersberg of Pig Iron Theatre Company, professional choreographer Kyle Schwandt of Revolution 9, and lighting designer Ethan Vail of Chicago, IL. 

There are two theatre spaces that the Theatre Department uses: the Sloan Auditorium and the Countdown Theatre. We produce two shows a semester on our main stage (Sloan Auditorium) and two shows in our studio theatre (Countdown Theatre) that serve LHU and the Lock Haven community. What makes the Theatre Program unique is our student-run productions. In the studio theatre, only student-directed shows are performed, which is a unique opportunity that really enforces experience by doing. The Theatre Department includes a wide variety of shows in its theatrical season such as modern, classical, and musical pieces.