Alcohol/Drug Zero Tolerance Policy

The University will not tolerate the use, possession, and/or distribution of alcohol or illegal drugs. These activities present a danger to the University community and detract from the educational mission of the institution. Students may be denied admittance into University facilities if it is believed they are under the influence of, or in possession of, alcohol or illegal drugs. Negative behavior that results from the use of alcohol and/or other drugs will not be tolerated in the University community. All instances of drug and alcohol usage will be formally adjudicated by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and, wherever possible, police authorities. LHU provides alcohol and substance abuse counseling on the campus for students, staff and the local community. In addition, the residence hall staff is trained to deal with alcohol and substance abuse situations.


Pennsylvania law states that no one under 21 years of age shall possess, sell, transport, or consume alcoholic beverages. Underage drinking violations are dealt with in accordance with Pennsylvania statutes.

The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the University residence halls or apartments is not permitted by any student or guest including those 21 and older. In addition, students are reminded that intoxication does not excuse offensive behavior and that disciplinary action will be taken against offenders.

Alcohol is not permitted on University property. Violation of this University policy can result in dismissal from the University. Students may be referred to local or state assistance agencies for counseling services for alcohol misuse.


Federal and state laws prohibit the use of illegal drugs. Students are expected to know about drugs and the law. If you are concerned about drugs or their usage, the Student Affairs staff would be glad to discuss the legal and psychological aspects of drug usage.

Possession, sale, use, transfer, purchase or delivery of illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia on campus is prohibited. Violations of this University policy can result in dismissal from the University. Students may be referred to county and state assistance agencies for misuse of drugs.

As required by the Federal “Drug-Free Work Place Act of 1988,” P.L. 100-690, 120 STAT 4304 et seq, the Lock Haven University of the State System of Higher Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, hereby declares as its policy that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance is prohibited at any work place under the authority of the Board of Governors. Any employee violating the policy will be referred to the Commonwealth’s employee assistance program and/or disciplined, in an appropriate manner, up to and including termination. Discipline, when appropriate, shall be taken under relevant provisions of collective bargaining agreements, Civil Service Policy or the System’s Merit Principle Policy.

It is a condition of employment to abide by the terms of this policy and to notify Lock Haven University of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the work place no later than five (5) days after such conviction.