Missing Person Report

If any individual has reason to believe that a Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania student is missing, University Police should be notified at 570-484-2278 or 711. All reasonable efforts will be made to locate the student to determine his/her state of health and well-being. These efforts will include action by members of the University Police and the Division of Student Affairs.

A student will be determined to be missing by the University if the following circumstances apply:

• She/he is overdue in reaching a predetermined destination by more than 24 hours past his/her expected arrival time.

• A preliminary check of his/her residence supports the view she/he is not present there and preliminary efforts to contact the student fail.

• Additional factors may be used by university officials to determine a student is missing if appropriate depending on circumstances.

If the student is not located within 24 hours of the initial report being made, University officials will contact the student's family or a designated emergency contact person to notify them of the report and determine if they have any information that would assist in finding the student. If the student's family or designated emergency contact was involved in the initial report, University staff will inform them of the results of the preliminary efforts and explain any additional steps being taken. If a student is still not found at this point, University Police will open an official investigation and retain status as the primary investigative unit for those students residing in campus housing. If the student resides off-campus, University staff will assist the student's family or designated contact person in making an official missing person report to all appropriate law enforcement agencies. University officials will assist in any investigation as appropriate.

Students may provide a designated contact to be notified in case she/he is determined to be missing by providing an Emergency Contact Person to the University, which can be done for off-campus students through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs or for on-campus students through their Hall Director. This contact may be a family member or any other person determined by the student. If a student under 18 years of age is determined to be missing, the University is required to notify a custodial parent or guardian in addition to any other designated contact. if an Emergency Contact Person is not designated contact. If an Emergency Contact Person is not designated, the student's closest identified family member will be notified. Contact information provided by students will be kept confidential and will only be accessible to university officials.


• Lock Haven University Police:  711or 570-484-2278

• Vice President/Student Affairs:  570-484-2022

• Housing and Residence Life:  570-484-2317

• University Health Services:  570-484-2276

• Lock Haven City Police:  911or 570-893-5911