Financial Aid


The Pennsylvania State Grant Deadline is May 1, 2016

Pennsylvania residents who wish to be considered for the Pennsylvania State Grant from PHEAA must submit a FAFSA before the deadline of May 1, 2016.

To apply for a State Grant when you complete the FAFSA
Complete the Pennsylvania State Grant Form online directly from your FAFSA confirmation page. Look for the link that reads "Optional Feature—Start your state application—Click here if you want to apply for Pennsylvania state-based financial aid."

To apply for a State Grant after you've completed the FAFSA
If you've already submitted your FAFSA online and missed the direct link, you may need to wait until you receive an email directing you to the American Education Services (AES) website to complete the State Grant Form.

Please Note: Most renewal students (students who have already received a grant in a prior year) are not required to complete the State Grant Form.

The financial aid application process is one that occurs over several months throughout the year. Please access the calendar below to help guide you through.

Financial Aid Application Timeline:
Incoming and Transfer Students for the Fall 2016 Semester


Tasks to complete


  • Start searching for outside scholarships for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters


  • Collect student/parent w2(s) and other information to file your 2015 Federal Income Tax Return with the IRS
  • Continue searching for outside scholarships


  • Submit taxes with the IRS (student and parent, if applicable)
  • Continue searching for outside scholarships


  • Submit a complete, signed FAFSA by March 15--make sure to add LHU as a school that can view your information and transfer your tax information from the IRS directly on your FAFSA using “IRS DRT”.

Late March/Early April

  • Accepted LHU Students will receive a Financial Aid Award Letter.
  • All students whose FAFSA was selected for verification review, will also receive a verification request. Please complete and return within 30 days.


  • Complete Direct Loan requirements, if it is the student’s intention to take them.
  • Forward scholarship notifications to the Financial Aid Office.


  • Receive your student bill from the Student Accounts Office (your processed financial aid will appear on the bill)
  • If an additional loan is needed to cover expenses, apply for that now (3-4 weeks to process)


  • One week before the start of the fall semester: Check your bill online via myHaven under Student Accounts to see that your financial aid is processed and applied.



Department Directory

Name Title
Robert Fryer Director of Financial Aid
Liza Kopp Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Stephanie Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Nichole Wible Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Cheryl Bartholomew Fiscal Technician
Jann Meyers Fiscal Assistant