Global MountainServe Center for Community Service

Lock Haven University’s Community Service Office partners with the students, staff, faculty, and community nonprofit agencies to enhance academic, personal, and professional development through community engagement experiences. Our office supports civic engagement activities, service learning programs, and community service projects to promote active and global citizenship for local, national, and global communities.

At LHU, your education will not be confined to just the four walls of a classroom. We invite you to join us for community service opportunities, service learning projects, civic engagement events, and alternative school breaks throughout the globe.

LHU's MountainServe Center offers students the opportunity to learn while serving others. We have numerous local community service projects with non-profits agencies to match your interests and expose you to hands on learning experiences. LHU community service projects have included: Helping the citizens of rural villages in Morocco with health care access; supporting educational programs in Mexico; a variety of destinations for community service alternative school breaks; and numerous local community partnership projects. Our office continues to assist with disaster relief projects and donation drives to support our local and global communities.

LHU's MountainServe Center offers part-time and full-time AmeriCorps Programs with AmeriCorps Fellows, AmeriCorps Scholars in Service, and AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA). We look forward to having you volunteer through our office and learn more about our programs, scholarships, and services while making a difference in our local and global communities!

A variety of volunteer opportunities with community partnerships are open to LHU students and staff interested in helping others on short or long term projects throughout the school year. Please refer to The Community Service Office events calendar or contact the office for additional information. 

Volunteer Opportunities & Service Hours

Summer 2015 Volunteer Opportunities (Main Campus)

Summer 2015 Volunteer Opportunities (Clearfield Campus)